Sanya Travel Guide —— Snack Food

As a hot tourism city in Hainan province, China, here in Sanya you can enjoy the most delicious and various local cuisines.

Sanya No. 1 Seafood Market:

There’s no doubt seafood is the top 1 Sanya delicacy, and we recommend you the most popular dining place——Sanya No.1 Seafood Market. It’s quite cost-effective if you can buy seafood and cook them at home. This market is preferred by locals for its fresh seafood and great flavor.


Sanya No.1 Seafood Market


Fresh and various seafood


Lobster is everyone’s favorite


Check by yourself whether the lobster is fresh or not.


Hele Crab, one of the 4 most famous local cuisines in Hainan.


A selection of shells with cheap price.


If the shellfish can shrink when you touch it, that means it’s alive.

So many species of fishes. In Hainan, the most common ones are sea bream, squirrel fish, snapper, caral fish, garrupa, amberjack, etc.     

The seafood restaurants are just nearby on Xinmin Street, where you can have a taste of real authentic seafood.


Follow these foodies because they can always tell which restaurant is the best one.


Lobster is usually served with garlic and spicy sauces and people can ask for different flavors as they like.


Spicy Hele Crab, one of the 4 most famous dishes in Hainan


Get creative by adding some garlic silk noodles before steaming scallops.


Steamed Sea Bass    Sea Bass of 1 kilo tastes the best.


Our pick of vegetable dishes is Sijiao Bean. Better fry it directly with garlic sauce.


Traditional Hainan snack ——“Pearl Coconut Boat”

Hainan Silk Noodle

Put some silk noodles in the bowl; add beef jerky, shredded squid, lean meat, sesame, sour beans, black bean sprout and peanuts with a little salt and soy sauce. Finally soak them in the soup made from black fungus and bamboo spout. Here it is —— local silk noodle is ready to tickle your taste buds.

Ching bo leung

A cold Chinese soup which is commonly served in the streets of Hainan. An ice container, some plastic chairs and wooden tables, that’s enough for a Ching bo leung

stall. To make it an appetizing snack, many soup ingredients are prepared in advance, like kidney bean, mung bean, macaroni, quail egg, pineapple slice, watermelon slice, longan pulp, red dates, pearl barley, etc.

Hainan Chicken Rice

The main ingredients are rice and chicken. 1-1.5 kilos of tender Wenchang Chicken are used in the dish, accompanied with oily rice to make it more flavorful.


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