Sanya Travel Guide — Things to Do Before Departure

Sanya Travel Guide — Things to Do Before Departure

Sanya is a magic gift from the Creator, for it has every attraction of a seaside city: agreeable climate, fresh air, clear water, soft sandy beach, the most exotic ethnic minorities, delicious seafood.

Sanya is located in the tropics with year-round sunny days and an average annual temperature of 25.5 ℃. August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 28.5 ℃. We hope Sanya can be one of your top-of-mind destinations and strongly recommend you to travel here in winter, to stay away from the chilly winter in your country.

  1. Things to Prepare Before Departure

    Belongings and Valuables

    1. Take care of your passport,other identity documents, return flight tickets.
    2. Exchange for RMB in time, take care of cash, credit cardsand other belongings and valuables. Warm tip: 1 USD = 65 RMB (exchange rate is updated every second).
    3. Iftaking the camera with you, photo storage issues need to be well consider
    4. Take cellphone (with all the bills paid) and battery chargerwith you.


    1. Sunscreen: high SPF, waterproof.
    2. Hairconditioner: apply conditioner to repair your hair in case of sun burning.
    3. Sunglasses: to block out the sunlight.
    4. Sun umbrella: itcan protect you from both sun and rain.

    Swimming supplies

    1. Swimsuits: white, yellowand rose color are good choices.
    2. Waterproof watch: itcan be used to record time.
    3. Warm tip: prepare all the swimming necessities before departure to protect yourself from gettingsunburnt.


    1. Eye drops; antiallergic agents; antidiarrheals; motion sickness pills; band-aids; vosquito repellent.

    Daily necessities:

    1. Clothing: take more underwear; absorbent, breathable, and quick-dryingclothes due to the humid weather in Sanya.
    2. Sandals: travel aroundSanya in comfortable sandals. You’d better take them from home or just buy them in Sanya for about only 10 RMB each pair.
    3. Wet tissue: it can be very useful after eatingfruits and seafood.
    4. Portable tripod: it can be used to shoot night scenes and landscapes.
    5. Take a bag that is big enough for important stuff.
  2. Visa Info

    Sanya entry and exit port is located in Sanya Phoenix Airport. It offers 15-day landing visa to tourist groups consisting of 5 persons or above from 26 countries including: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, the UK, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Tourist groups of 2 persons or above from Russia, Japan and South Korea can extend their 15-day landing visa to 21-day landing visa. Since currently the visa-on-arrival policy is only valid for tourist groups, so if you travel alone, you still need to apply for a tourist visa to China by yourself.

  3. Sanya Travel Notes

    1. Sneakers are better than leather shoeswhile travelling in Hainan.
    2. Don't eat too muchtropical fruits in Hainan. You can take them with you back home by flight baggage.
    3. Please do remember phone numberand room number of your fellow travelers, as well as the location and name of your hotel.
    4. While relaxing on the beach, be careful not to getyour camera or video equipment
    5. Protect the environmentof Hainan and do not litter or destroy plants or cultural relics. Every tourist in Hainan is responsible for protecting the unique environment of Hainan.
Trip Package
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Jiangxi: historical and cultural ancient villages,
Sanya: taichi experience and beach relax.

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